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Working with porcelain and stoneware, gouache and eggshells, I create work that asks the viewer to participate by imagining themselves immersed in a fantastical landscape of color, line and texture. I explore how meaning can emerge from pattern, using color as a guidepost. Detail and repetition are important facets of my artistic practice. The imperfection of the handmade is integral because while I strive to create copies, there are inevitably differences the emerge that are inherent in creation. Each is the same; each is different. This creates an interesting dichotomy and a compelling viewing experience, one that invites deeper study of the piece both as a physical object and as a representation of the importance of each individual as a part of the whole.
I updated by Etsy shop recently, so check out some of my smaller sgraffito ring dishes HERE!
My art can be seen at Camiba Art Gallery in beautiful Austin, Texas. For more information, to purchase a piece you see on the website or blog, or to discuss a commission, please email me at katydavidart@gmail.com or call (512) 965-7061.